FP-ENAS group recieves Graça Rocha Award

The FP-ENAS team lead by Prof. José Cabeda awarded the Graça Rocha Prize

The Prize Graça Rocha was attributed by the Portuguees Virology Society to the work "Rhinovirus Infection is influenced by outdoor-air virus presence and polymorphisms in TOLLIP and IL6 genes". This communication presented to the "V National Virology Congress" presented results of the RhinAir project entirely developed at FP-ENAS. The work had the supervision of Professor José Cabeda and the participation as researchers of 3 Pharmaceutical Sciences MSc Students (Filipa Rodrigues, Mafalda Santos and Ana Ferreira), one Erasmus Student (Roberta Marino) and Professor Esmeralda Barreira. The project also had the participation of 89 UFP students as volunteers.