Who we Are

The interdisciplinary FP-ENAS Research Unit (UFP Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit) has been organized in view to merge the synergies existing at Universidade Fernando Pessoa (UFP) in terms of Energy, Environment and Health, and to conform the corresponding full capacities with the complementary and interdependent modern concepts in these areas. Besides the development of scientific projects, the main goal of FP-ENAS unit is to accommodate and support the existing UFP PhD programmes, accredited by A3ES, in Energy and Environment: i) PhD in Earth Sciences; ii) PhD in Environment and Public Health. The unit is part of Fundação Fernando Pessoa (FECFP), the owner of UFP.

FP-ENAS mission is to develop scientific research on:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Environmental Health
  • Public health
  • Biomedicine

FP-ENAS resulted for the merge of two preexisting UFP Research Centres (CIAGEB and CEBIMED), and maintains a related organization as it is structured with two Research Groups: