Ficha de Projeto de Investigação

Nome: WeGIx project: Wellbeing Global Index
Sumário: WeGIx main project goal is to define a well-being index combining life quality indicators from environment, health and energy dedicated to urban populations. The WeGIx project aims to test variables interaction and to exhibit relations between these variables creating a multidimensional integrated model supported on population data referred to a geographical scale. The index intends to be a decision maker assistant tool and is build upon a composite model that integrates several dimensions of populations way of life: energy, health, education, employment, transports and others. Several statistics data sources are used to construct the WeGIx database namely from Portuguese national agencies (INE, PORDATA, APA, DGEG) and European databases such as EEA or Eurostat.
Financiado Por: WeGIx is funded by FCT Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. through project UID/MULTI/4546/2016
Instituições Participantes: FP-ENAS
Investigadores: Rui Leandro Maia (coordinator); Gisela Oliveira, Diogo Guedes Vidal, Esmeralda Barreira, Maria João Guerreiro, Maria Manuela Pontes, Nelson Barros, Rui Estrada,