Ficha de Projeto de Investigação

Nome: EntAir - Epidemiologia Molecular e fatores de risco endógeno e exógeno da infeção por Enterovirus
Sumário: Enterovirus are members of picornavirus, the smallest and most successful Human viruses. Despite usually producing self-resolving meningitis, it?s clinical similarity to bacterial meningitis creates a significant social and Health-Care burden. In the present study we aim at studying the molecular epidemiology of Enterovirus and identify exogenous and endogenous infection risk factors. For that, we will detect by qPCR viral RNA in healthy volunteers monthly nasal swabs and air samples. Simultaneously, atmospheric and air quality data will be collected. Additionally, Immune system related genetic polymorphisms will be assayed as genetic risk factors.
Financiado Por: UFP
Instituições Participantes: FP-ENAS
Investigadores: José Cabeda (Principal Investigator), Marina Afonso (MSc Student)