Ficha de Projeto de Investigação

Nome: Management of Indoor Air Quality in Healthcare Units
Sumário: Indoor Air Quality in Health Units is a complex issue, with direct implications in Patient Safety and in professionals? Occupational Health. Several research studies have already demonstrated clear evidence of aerial dissemination of microorganisms, and its relation with healthcare-associated infections. The identification of potential indoor air contamination hazards in Healthcare Units, and the correct management of ventilation systems, are therefore of great importance for the protection of patients and healthcare professionals. It is the main objective of our research project to identify good practices for indoor air quality management in Health Units, in order to promote patient safety and adequate occupational health.
Financiado Por: FCT Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. through project UID/MULTI/4546/2016
Instituições Participantes: FP-ENAS
Investigadores: Ana Fonseca (coordinator); Cristina Abreu; Isabel Abreu; Maria João Guerreiro; Nelson Barros; Ricardo Silva