Research Project Details

Name: Prostate cancer detection: a translational metabolomics research based on volatile organic compounds fingerprinting
Abstract: The main goal is to develop a bottom-up metabolomics focused at identifying urinary biomarkers for early diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa). A few studies have already shown the potential of urine metabolomics in discriminating PCa from control patients. However, urine is a complex biofluid, causing random statistical noise masking valid information. So, an analytical system and a proof of the concept in model systems will evaluate the volatile organic compounds profile of PCa, by using GC-MS, in (1)PCa cell lines, (2)tumoral and adjacent healthy PCa tissues. It is expected to establish valid biomarkers, which will be validated in patients? urines.
Financed by: Fundos nacionais através da FCT ? Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., no âmbito do projeto UID/Multi/04546/2019 e
Participating Institutions: UCIBIO/REQUIMTE e FP-ENAS
Researchers: Márcia Carvalho e Paula Guedes de Pinho